The Issues

Veteran’s Affairs

“People are not made for war” Clif states. “We must ensure that when a person makes sacrifices for their country that they and their family are taken care of.” He stresses that veterans must have better access to healthcare, medicine, and job opportunities. Once elected, he will ensure that the state of Texas upholds its commitments to veterans.


Having been in the education system, he wants to bring his experience to the table as an educator and administrator to help reform Texas’ education. He has reiterated many times that he opposes any decreases to education budgets, stating that not only must the funds be better managed, including a lot more transparency, but that the state lottery funds should never be redirected away from education. An advocate of school vouchers, he wants parents to have more control over where their children go to school, and that the competition created by this system will increase the quality of education.

“Every student deserves the best education that we can provide them,” Clif states. This means schools implementing more special education programs and more effective targeting so that special needs students aren’t left behind and also aren’t hindering other students since not all students learn at the same pace. It also means teaching more real world skills that will help a student throughout their lives, including personal finances, critical thinking, and flexible options for academic advancement through high school. He also wants to implement more apprenticeship programs, as well as college level courses.

He also seeks tougher requirements for moving from grade to grade, that a student should not progress until they have mastered the material. On the chopping block are standardized tests, which have been proven to be a failure, where he favors tailored end of course exams given by teachers to judge whether or not a student has mastered the material.

Medical Cannabis

Being that so far 16 other states as well as Washington, DC have implemented medical marijuana programs, Clif is determined to establish such a program in Texas so that those suffering from medical conditions can have access to cannabis rather than force those patients to move to another state, which has a negative effect on the Texas economy. There is a treasure trove of studies showing the medicinal properties of cannabis, and withholding this medicine from patients who are in dire need of it is cruel and simply makes no sense. Having lost two sons already to cancer who suffered greatly due to the antiquated marijuana laws, and being a patient himself, Clif has a personal stake in bringing about reforms to cannabis laws.

State’s Rights

Upholding state’s rights through the 10th Amendment, Clif advocates for the federal government to be constrained by the constitution. Having taught constitutional law, he has a vast amount of knowledge concerning where the role of the federal government ends, and the role of the state begins. As a representative of the people of Texas, he will fight to ensure that the rights of Texans as a whole are not infringed upon.


Taxation is a strong subject in Texas. When taxes are collected, it isn’t always considered who they could adversely affect. Having to live on a fixed income, Clif understands what it’s like to be squeezed by ever increasing costs of living, which are spurred on by both direct and indirect taxation. He has stated that he will never support a tax increase without ensuring that it is absolutely necessary, and will work to reduce taxes anywhere possible through audit and review of state agencies. He opposes the income tax, wants to get rid of Texas’ addiction to federal funds and the strings attached to them, and promote common sense frugality.


Texas has always been a major agricultural state and right now our farmers and ranchers are hurting. To help ease economic burdens and breathe new life into Texas agriculture, he proposes legalizing the growing of hemp, a durable plant that has many benefits including soil aeration, it has at many points in history been encourage by the government for farmers to grow. Not only will growing this plant be a boon to Texas agriculture by creating new jobs and opportunities, but instead of importing the hemp material from other countries, we can produce it locally and become a major exporter.

Gun Rights

When it comes to upholding gun rights, Clif is on the front lines for his support of gun owners. Being a member of the National Rifle Association, he is a long time gun owner and supports the right for people to conceal carry and defend themselves from harm. This includes support for allowing properly licensed gun owners to carry on public college campuses and allowing private colleges to implement their own rules for carry. When it comes to elementary and high school, he supports allowing teachers and administrators to conceal carry, but implementation of such a policy must be done properly so that a student is never able to access a firearm on campus.

Drug Usage & Incarceration Rates

Decreasing the harms of drugs and incarceration rates go hand in hand for Clif as he proposes focusing on getting help for non-violent drug users instead of sending them to prison where they will be influenced by much worse and potentially come out less well off. Also on his platform is his opposition to private prisons, which have an incentive to get as many people behind bars as possible with little concern for better prison systems and lower costs to tax payers.


If you’ve ever traveled down a Texas road or highway, you’ve noticed the poor condition they’re in, the traffic congestions, and the seemingly never ending construction that moves at a snail’s pace. Roads and highways are an essential part of ensuring Texas’s economic future and as a state representative Clif vows to do everything he can to ensure that roads and highways are built better, faster, and cheaper while allowing the private sector to compete as well. He does however oppose allowing foreign countries having control over toll roads.

Also on his agenda is to have high speed rail lines built across Texas to improve both commercial and leisure travel.

Empowering Texans Legislatively

When it comes to giving voters more control over the political process, Clif wants to ensure that people have all the proper access and tools needed to have a voice and be efficient. He wants to ensure that it is easy for people to contact their representatives and that they don’t receive cookie cutter responses. One of the main ways he seeks to empower Texans is by introducing a voter ballot initiative where citizens can draft legislation and collect signatures to have an issue presented on the ballot to voters each election. This way Texans are no longer chained to a legislature that convenes only once every two years and tends to get very little accomplished.

Speaking on the subject of a slow and inefficient legislature, it will be Clif’s mission to ensure that more legislation is talked about and given adequate attention so that the needs of Texans can be properly addressed in a timely manner.

Helping Local Communities

Once in office Clif plans to seek out as many state grants as he can in order to get new projects started locally. Ideally he’d like to ensure that everyone has the ability to access quality internet connections, as well as places to enhance their job skills to help improve the abilities of the Texas workforce.

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